VR Escape Rooms Weekend

Date & Time

Sat Nov 04 2023 at 02:00 pm to Sun Oct 27 2024 at 08:00 pm



Los Virtuality - VR Gaming Center | VR Escape Rooms | Northridge, CA

VR Escape Rooms Weekend


Welcome to the "VR Escape Rooms Weekend" at Los Virtuality in Northridge!

Get ready for a weekend of mind-bending fun adventure and immersive thrills as we transport you to the cutting edge of virtual reality gaming. Los Virtuality invites you to dive headfirst into a world of mystery puzzles and excitement all in the heart of Northridge.

Event Highlights:

  • Multiple-Themed Escape Rooms: Immerse yourself in a variety of intriguing virtual escape rooms each with its unique theme challenges and secrets waiting to be unraveled.
  • Time-Traveling Adventures: From ancient Egypt to the moon landing site and futuristic realms journey through time and space in quests like no other.
  • Team Collaboration: Gather your friends or make new connections as you work together in groups of 2-6 players to solve intricate puzzles and challenges.
  • Dynamic and Adaptive Gameplay: The virtual world responds to your every move ensuring an unpredictable and dynamic adventure every time you play.
  • Race Against the Clock: Feel the adrenaline rush as you race against time deciphering codes and unlocking safes to escape before it's too late.
  • A Sensory Feast: Lose yourself in a world of sights sounds and sensations as our VR technology creates a truly immersive environment.
  • Located in Northridge: Conveniently situated in the vibrant city of Northridge Los Virtuality is your gateway to an unforgettable weekend of virtual escapades.
  • Experience the Future: Los Virtuality brings you a futuristic escape room experience that's sure to leave you craving more of this electrifying adventure.

Join us for a weekend that blurs the lines between reality and imagination. The "VR Escape Rooms Weekend" promises to be an unforgettable experience where you'll forge bonds sharpen your wits and explore new dimensions. Will you conquer the challenges and make your escape? It's time to find out!

Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Reserve your spot now at Los Virtuality in Northridge and let the virtual journey begin!

Event Location

Los Virtuality - VR Gaming Center | VR Escape Rooms, 19520 Nordhoff St, Unit 16, Northridge, CA 91324, United States

Tickets & Booking Details

USD 35.00

Event Host

Los Virtuality - VR Gaming Center | VR Escape Rooms
Los Virtuality - VR Gaming Center | VR Escape Rooms

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